Recommended Gear Carts


As you amass more and more video equipment to make your deposition videos, transporting your equipment to and from the deposition locations can be cumbersome and tiring.  Having a gear cart to haul your equipment around can be a lifesaver (and a back saver).  There are a few things to look at when choosing a gear cart for your equipment.


  • Portability – your cart needs to be able to fit in your car with all your equipment
  • Versatility – your cart needs to fit many different sizes of gear
  • Capacity – your cart needs to be able to hold at least 100 pounds of gear (most hold way more than that)


Heres a list of recommended gear carts to help you decide which one is right for you.


Option 1 – Wellmax Foldable Push Cart Dolly


The Wellmax Foldable Push Cart Dolly (link to price on Amazon) is a flat cart with 4 wheels and a foldable handle.  The flat surface of the cart has a bit of grip on it to hold your gear tightly as you make turns and stop suddenly.  The wheels are low profile to not get in the way when you stuff it in your car with the rest of your gear.


This cart isn’t the lightest cart on this list, but it is still easily transported because of the small, not-awkward footprint.  It will be a perfect cart for a medium-sized load of gear, as long as all the gear weighs less than 330 pounds.


Option 2 – Rock-N-Roller Mini 8-In-1 Dolly Cart


The Rock-N-Roller Mini 8-In-1 Dolly Cart (link to price on Amazon) is a versatile cart that can service almost any type of gear.  It is originally meant for music and lighting gear, but it works just as good for video equipment.  The 8-in-1 design is great for finding the right ergonomics for you and your gear.


This cart has a telescoping body to fit exactly the size of your largest piece of gear.  This also lends to its portability, folding up to half of its original size to fit in your car perfectly.  This cart is a good, versatile option to suit any need you have for transporting your equipment.


Option 3 – Gruv Gear Krane AMG500 Dolly Tilt Cart


The Gruv Gear Krane AMG500 (link to price on Amazon) is the culmination of years of good design by the people over at Krane.  As with the option above, this cart was made with stage musicians in mind, but it works perfectly for videography gear.


The whole dolly folds to multiple angles and locks in place at a 45-degree angle to create the best ergonomic gear cart.  This dolly is easily transported by fold the dolly down to half its original size.  This dolly is my highest recommendation on this list. The only downside is the price of $350 and even then its a great value.


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