Recommended Backup Systems


One of the worst things that could happen is losing your video footage.  Having a backup system is an easy way to make sure that never happens.  Some video cameras have two SD card slots for backup, but if yours doesn’t, getting a backup system can help put your mind at ease when shooting a deposition.


There are some specs to check before making your decision, these include:


  1. Resolution – at minimum, the backup system should capture at 1080p
  2. Inputs – backup system should have at least one HDMI input
  3. SD Card – at least one slot for a full-size SD card, internal storage is not recommended


Heres a few options I recommend for backup systems that fit these criteria.


Option 1 – Blackmagic Design Video Assist 6G-SDI Recorder


The Blackmagic Design Video Assist 6G- SDI Recorder (link to price on Amazon) is a great lower-priced model of backup systems.  It has a screen on the front for displaying the video feed it is receiving.  This screen can double as a remote monitor and viewfinder for your camera.


This is not the cheapest item on the market, but it adds so much functionality to your setup and gives peace of mind about capturing your depositions reliably.


Option 2 – Atomos Ninja V Recording Monitor


Atomos’ Ninja V Recording Monitor (link to price on Amazon) is a similar product to the Blackmagic recorders.  It boasts an HDMI input and pass-through loop for linking multiple video systems together.  This option also has a screen for using it as a remote viewfinder.


The storage for video files in the Ninja V is a removable solid state hard drive.  This means you will never have to worry about running out of storage space for your videos.


Option 3 – Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K Recorder


Blackmagic Design makes some of the best video capture technology out there on the market.  The Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K Recorder (link to price on Amazon) is no different.  This option is the step up from the 1st option on this list, the differences being the ability to capture 4K video resolution and a second SD card slot.


The Video Assist 4K Recorder also has an audio input to combine your video and audio recordings in real-time.


Being the most expensive on this list, you might feel the need to steer clear, but the functionality and quality of this option make it my highest recommendation.


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