About Deposition Academy


Deposition Academy is an online website created to guide those in the legal videographer industry or those interested in starting a legal videography business.


The Deposition Academy’s Story


Deposition Academy was started by Matt McWilliams in 2018. Matt is the owner of a digital media company in Tulsa, Oklahoma that serves small business owners and professionals all across the state. His company stemmed from his knack for finding solutions for his clients and whatever they needed to be done.


Matt got into legal videography the same way he got into online marketing; a client needed a solution and Matt was there to help. A lawyer that Matt helped with online marketing was in need of a deposition videographer. Matt, having knowledge and experience with a camera and microphone, quickly jumped on the opportunity to be of service. And the rest is history!


A few years later, Matt has incorporated deposition videography into one of his online marketing company’s specialties. He’s also built a team of videographers who know the ins and outs of the industry.


As he started to build up his legal videography service, Matt turned to the internet for guidance. He wanted to know as much as he could about the legal videography industry in order to provide a better service…But to his surprise, there wasn’t much information out there.


Matt had to learn as he went. Through trial and error, Matt was able to create a reliable, skilled, and professional legal videography service.


Seeing that there was a need for an online presence to guide those along who wanted to be in the deposition videography industry, Matt started Deposition Academy. His goal is to use his experience to help others along with becoming deposition videographers.


Deposition Academy is here to answer all your questions pertaining to what it’s like to be a legal videographer. From specific equipment needed to rates you should charge and how to manage your business, Deposition Academy can set you up for success as a legal videographer.